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LiQD Marketplace is dedicated solely to board and card game enthusiasts. Its goal is to be THE market hub where you can quickly and easily sell games from your collection and regularly find and buy new favorites at your price to add to your collection. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A game that doesn’t hit your table anymore will find a good home with a fellow gamer who’ll get it to theirs. The proceeds from that sale can then finance your next purchase. Easy. Fast. Secure.

Ever tried to sell board games online? We know you’re pain. Our experiences with existing solutions like BoardGameGeek, eBay, and Craig’s list are like yours: They all require too much time and effort – taking weeks or longer to sell or trade board games away. No longer.

LiQD Marketplace: Making selling board games online as easy as managing your Netflix queue!
Proactive Selling
List a game for sale from your board game collection in a couple of clicks and LiQD will find you a buyer. Agree on a price, print your shipping label, and your old treasure is on its way to a new home. It’s never been easier.

LiQD Marketplace: Easy Transactions – Immediate Results
Ever try to buy previously played board games online? We have – with very mixed results. The old solutions are very hit-or-miss – especially for out of print and hard to find board games – and finding reasonable prices requires time, luck, and usually both. No longer.

LiQD Marketplace: The best place to buy your next board game
Don’t Know What Board Game You Want Next?
Import your collection to take advantage of LiQD’s management tools:
  • Manually browse the LiQD Marketplace, filtering by price, game-designer, category, theme, mechanism – you name it.
  • Or, let LiQD’s Recommendation Engine suggest games that just might be your next favorite!