Mona Lisa Mysteries
Mona Lisa Mysteries (2006)

3.0 / 5

(from the web site) Do You Have Da Vinci's Masterpiece? Based on the real events from 1911 when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre. Players act as wealthy art collectors who bid on the services of art "experts" to rate their copy of the Mona Lisa. Through careful strategy and market manipulation, the player with the highest valued Mona Lisa at the end of the game has the "real" Mona Lisa and wins the game. Ages: Teen to adult Players: 3 to 5 Contents: 5 Mona Lisa player painting boards, 44 expert cards, 56 bid cards, 60 gems, gem bag, value board, card tray and rules.

3 - 5
Winning Moves Games (USA)
Phil Orbanes Sr.