Cranium Turbo Edition
Cranium Turbo Edition (2004)

3.0 / 5

From the Manufacturer: It takes more than 300 muscles to laugh, as few as five to smile and only one outrageously fun game to shine. Cranium Turbo Edition, certain to become the new party staple, cranks up the fun of the original smash-hit Cranium with more of everything - more laughter, more activities, and more moments to shine. Adding to the already popular activities of the original game, players will now find themselves making puppets of their friends, reading each others minds, noodling over uncommon facts, gazing at close-up images, and figuring out which items are not like the others, while racing against the clock. An exciting new electronic timer with music and lights energizes the game and adds a sense of urgency during the all-new Turbo Rally Rounds, during which teams must answer three questions in 60 seconds. Getting everyone laughing, smiling and high-fiving with fast-paced fun, Cranium Turbo culminates in a crazy crescendo - the Finale Rally-where teams go for the gusto by answering Turbo Rally questions from four decks, ensuring that everyone has a chance to shine. Cranium Turbo Edition includes 1,000 all-new cards; 16 activities, including six that are new, an exciting new electronic timer with music and lights and a faster paced, 3-questions-in-60-seconds Turbo Rally Rounds.

Party Game
Party Games
Roll \/ Spin and Move
4 - 16
Cranium, Inc.
Whit Alexander
Richard Tait