Bunco Party
Bunco Party (2004)

2.5 / 5

Includes rules for One Table Bunco (2-4 players), Party Bunco (exactly 12 players) and any number in between (5-11 players). Object of the game is to win the most rounds (out of six rounds). You win a round by being the first person (or team) at your table to score 21 points. You score one point each time you roll the target number (target is 1 for round 1, 5 for round 5, etc). You can immediately win a round and gain control of the giant Fuzzy Bunco Die by being lucky enough to roll a True Bunco (four-of-a-kind of the target number). The player with the most "wins" after 6 rounds is the winner. For fun the Bunco Party host can offer small prizes for the person with the most wins, the most Buncos, the most losses, the person who is holding the giant Fuzzy Die at the end of round 6, etc. When you play with 5 or more players, there will be two or three tables, and players will switch tables & teams frequently. Differences from other Bunco games: 4 dice per table, 1 giant Fuzzy Bunco Die, and 12 postcards to invite your friends to your Bunco Party.

Dice Rolling
Party Game
Team-Based Game
2 - 12