Beasts: Edge of Extinction – Revenge of the Dodos
Beasts: Edge of Extinction – Revenge of the Dodos (2020)


Eliminated players now control a bevy of dodo spirits, each imbued with a unique special ability. It’s all or nothing, as you seek vengeance on the vile beasts ravaging dodo kind. Beasts: Edge of Extinction base game required INSTRUCTIONS: Shuffle the revenge deck. Shuffle the zombie dodo card into the event deck. *This is only to be performed by the first eliminated player. Upon elimination, keep any lure cards from your previous hand. Remove your character card and remaining resource cards from the game. Draw 2 revenge cards to complete your hand. On your turn, choose 1 of the following actions to perform: GATHER: Draw a revenge or resource card. Place lure cards in your hand. Immediately give instant action cards to a beast player of your choice to resolve. Discard all other resource cards. PLY: Use a revenge or lure card on a beast player. ATTACK: Roll a die to attack a beast player. They roll to defend. Keep your cards hidden from beast players until used. You may choose to carefully show other revenge deck players your hand in order to help strategize a path to victory. Reshuffle the discard pile to form a new revenge deck when depleted. Ignore the consequences of all event cards. Ensure the final 2 beast players are eliminated simultaneously for all revenge deck players to win the game! —description from the publisher

Card Game
Dice Rolling
Science Fiction
Take That
Expansion for Base-game
Semi-Cooperative Game
Action Points
3 - 6
Riftway Games
Derek Buczynski
15 - 45