How To Get More For Less

By tom c • 2/5/2020 • 5027 Views
How To Get More For Less

Keep Doing What You're Doing, For Less

At LiQD, we’ve been brainstorming ways to encourage new users to sign up and use the marketplace. We felt one-time promotions were nice but didn’t go far enough to reward users for helping make LiQD successful. What we came up with in response was our rewards program - the more you use LiQD, the more you save.

Join now and start earning rewards right away. Just by rating a game you already own earns you points. Every time you buy a game or sell a game, more points! These points translate into more money in your pocket when you sell a game and less money spent when you buy. Even just referring a friend or importing your collection gets you well on your way to more buying and selling power.

 Joining is easy. Once you create an account, start adding your games to your collection. All of a sudden your games are cataloged and organized. 




Tell us how much you like the games that you own by rating them and earn more points. Have a game you’ve played but didn’t love? Add it to the marketplace via your Sell List for other people to discover and purchase. If they buy it, you earn points. Want a game but don’t want to pay ridiculous retail prices? It’s probably here, in great condition, waiting for a new home. Buy a game, get more points. Earn 500 points, and you start paying less in commission fees when you sell a game, and pay less in shipping costs when you buy a game, meaning more money in your pocket.

 Don’t have any games yet, but want to browse? Take a look at our marketplace, and see what’s on sale. You can browse games by genre, number of players, mechanics or year published.

 Level up through buying and selling, rating your games, and referring friends to the website to achieve higher rewards. Start in the Stone Age and work your way up. Who knows, one day you may reach Legendary status!


What do you think of rewards programs?

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