Free Shipping. Free Selling. A Great Time to Sell Those Unplayed Board Games!

By tom c • 1/27/2020 • 5193 Views
Free Shipping.  Free Selling. A Great Time to Sell Those Unplayed Board Games!


The LiQD Founders Club is an exclusive group of early users who have a unique opportunity to play an integral role in the future of the LiQD platform (and get some pretty enticing perks to do so).  The Founders Club is now open to all new and current LiQD users.  Get Free Shipping on your first purchase (a value of up to $10).  Pay NO sales commissions on your first 10 sales.  Find all of the member benefits below.


There IS NO Catch

Seriously - there is no catch!  Everyone who joins in our early days gets these benefits.  Full stop. No commitments.  We don’t need or store your credit card.  No risk.

Our goal is to get as many board-gamers like yourself to find us and add their game collections to our site. Then we’re hoping you do one or more of the following:

·         List your first game for sale

·         Make your first purchase

·         Sell your first game off your game shelf

·         Repeat and start to craft a more perfect collection

We’ll discuss how we plan to help people find us and load up their game collections in another post.  Our immediate focus is on how we can make your first purchase and first sale as easy as possible.  That’s where the Founders Club comes in.

Why the Founders Club

Here’s what we looking to accomplish with our Founder’s Club:

        1.       Increase the number of games for sale on our market by removing all costs (i.e. sales commissions) for your first 10 sales

        2.       Increase demand by offering free shipping on your first purchase

        3.       Begin a relationship with you and get valuable feedback to improve LiQD

Our goal of offering these perks is to jump-start growth in our user base.  This will in turn increase our market inventory and attract more buyers. More demand will obviously attract more sellers. By focusing on the user experience, we’re hoping to keep our buyers and sellers happy for return business.

Engaging with you, our early users, is critical.  Having regular on-going discussions with you to help us understand the best ways in which the platform can improve and grow is at the top of our list.  We can’t build in a vacuum.  We have a number of features and improvements planned, and working with you, our Founders Club members, we can see those plans come to life and make LIQD the Internet board game marketplace.


Next Post

In the next post, we’ll discuss LiQD Rewards.  Our plan to help our users keep doing what they’re doing – for less!