Top 10 Board Games to Play with your Family when Stuck In

By tom c • 3/19/2020 • 11730 Views
Top 10 Board Games to Play with your Family when Stuck In

As we're all stuck in the house more these days, it might be a good time to find a way to get everyone face-to-face together around the table, off their screens and reconnect. Board games are a perfect for this. We've compiled a list of ten of our families' favorites. 


Yahtzee Replacement: King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

What We Love About It: Dice re-rolling fun, but with special powers, attacking, and Creature Double-Feature-esque monsters!

Pros: Really easy to play, even for the youngest members of the family - who will inevitably LOVE kicking dad's butt.

Cons: Once you've seen all of the special powers, you'll want more!  Enter - expansions!


Sorry! Replacement: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!


What We Love About It: A somewhat cut-throat take-that game where the kids inevitably gang up on dad, tip his boat over and sick the sharks on his innocent fleeing people...

Pros: The simple rules get out of the way of the fun.

Cons: If siblings gang up on each other...lots of good teachable moments as a result.


20-Questions Replacement: Werewords


What We Love About It: Very familiar 20-Questions-like game play, but cooperative and with a TRAITOR / SABOTEUR to lead people off the scent.

Pros: Really fun social game that gets everyone talking and the mobile app really helps make the game run smoothly. 

Cons: Some of the different roles can get a little challenging for younger kids.


Risk Replacement: Small World

Small World

What We Love About It: A beautiful-looking area-control game where each player controls several unique sets of troops with special abilities over the course of the game.

Pros: Easy to teach, fast-playing (no more 5 hour sessions of Risk), each player gets to control several different sets of troops during a game with variable powers that change game-to-game.

Cons: Because players are battling over a limited area, some kids may not like being attacked or forced into battle.

Honorable Mention: Las Vegas


Clue Replacement: Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime

What We Love About It: Solving a crime as a group is really fun, and having the freedom to investigate different people, places, and things provides a very fun puzzle.

Pro: Easy to learn, the novel app integration is great and keeps the game moving along.  

Cons: Can result in one player driving the action for the group.


Monopoly Replacement: Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas

What We Love About It: A hotel-building game set in Las Vegas, with negotiation, take-overs (hostile and friendly), and a little gambling!

Pro: Forget the roll-and-move, you decide where and when you want to buy the plot(s) of land that will one day help make you the next casino king-pin.

Cons: Can be a little cut-throat, as Vegas has now and then been known to be.


Balderdash Replacement: Balderdash (There is no replacement!)


What We Love About It: Laugh-out-loud fun!

Pros: Almost no rules.

Cons: Does require some creativity by everyone playing to maximize the fun-factor.

Honorable Mention: Just One


Push Your Luck: Quacks of Quedlinburg

Quacks of Quedlinburg

What We Love About It: Pulling ingredients out of a bag to maximize your potion's points and money is great fun.  However, it usually leads to your potion exploding - at least for those of us who can't stop!

Pros: Very interesting combination of ingredient interactions that changes every game.

Cons: Sometimes the luck of the ingredient pull can run against you.


Cooperative: Horrified


What We Love About It: Very cool themed cooperative game that gets everyone involved.

Pros: The variety of monsters to fight is great, as is the ability to scale the difficulty from easy to super-hard.

Cons: As with most cooperative games, one player can drive the group's actions if allowed.


Zany Real-Time Fun: 5-Minute Marvel

5-Minute Marvel

What We Love About It: A super quick cooperative card-shedding game against the clock.

Pros: Really easy to learn and kids love the real-time nature of it.

Cons:  Can get stressful to play over-and-over in a single sitting.


----  2 Bonus Games!!  ----  


Racing: Jamaica


What We Love About It: A pirate ship race around the Caribbean with the ability to attack each other.

Pros: Easy to learn, beautiful production, great with higher player counts.

Cons: Some kids may not like being attacked, although its relatively mild.

Honorable Mentions: Formula D


Legacy / Evolving Campaign: Machi Koro Legacy

Machi Koro Legacy

What We Love About It: A game where you roll dice, get money, and build your city round-after-round. The game evolves and physically changes over the course of the ten game campaign - the rules, the cards, etc. At certain points in the game you unlock new components that are "locked" in their own boxes, add them to the game, and as a result permanently change it.

Pros: Probably the easiest legacy-style game for families to get into.  At the end of the ten game campaign, each family will have a unique version of the game with which to play going forward.

Cons: The luck of the dice can sometimes get frustrating.


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